TECNIC PHARMA is a company located in Riudarenes (Girona) specialized in the construction and design of components for the Bioprocess sector.
Above all, we provide development and process engineering services. Our orientation is eminently practical, with a wide and intense experience and the ability to adapt our services to the specific requirements of your company or project.
The goal of our process development service is to reduce time to market and ensure the viability of new developments of innovative products based on biological processes.

Many times the R+D on which companies have to base their new treatments is incomplete, or has a very scientific orientation. These projects are probably often lacking in defining processes or variables that are critical for assessing industrial viability or performing scaling.
What we do at TECNIC PHARMA is to complete that work by developing a PTP (Process Technology Package).
The PTP translates R+D results into an industrial language, describing processes from the perspective of a productive scale, allowing our clients to reduce their risks and make decisions.


Ingenieria Pharma

First, the TECNIC PHARMA team, with extensive experience in industrial engineering of bioprocess plants, can provide process engineering services throughout the entire project cycle.
From the post R+D stage, to the start-up of the new industrial facility.


Transformacion Pharma

Por lo tanto contamos con una sección de soldadura técnica:

Therefore we have a technical welding section:

• Orbital welding
• Purge welding with inert atmosphere control
• A cut and fold zone
• Also a polishing zone, reaching surface finishes of Ra 0.1
• And also a degreasing / pickling / passivation zone.


Mecanizacion Pharma

And we use different machining technologies, including continuous machining of 5 axes (CNC centers, lathes, CNC), all supported by a verification process according to our ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Set up

Montaje Pharma

As a result in this section, which is backed by the three previous areas, the whole assembly is done both mechanical, electrical and control.


TECNIC PHARMA is committed to a high quality, due to its certificates that it obtains with its results.

You can see some of these certificates.

  • 3A
  • asme
  • ce
  • cpt
  • csa
  • ehedg
  • ex
  • fda
  • gmp
  • ispe
  • ul


And with extensive experience in bioprocess engineering, you can provide process services throughout the entire project cycle.

Especially from the post R+D stage, to the commissioning of the new installation.

• Definition and selection of industrial processes.
• Basic and conceptual engineering.
• Modeling of investment and operating costs on an industrial scale.
• And also Process Engineering.
• Risk analysis (DQ / IQ / OQ / PQ).
• And risk analysis in automation (GAMP).
• Selection of main equipment.
• On-site execution supervision.
• Start up.

Equipment and components

Lo más destacable:

The most remarkable:
• Bioreactors / Fermenters.
• Buffers.
• CIP / SIP systems.
• Skids for different processes.
• Loops or links for WFI or PW.
• WFI or PW generators.
• Among others.


In addition all these products and services we develop entirely in our installation at the engineering and manufacturing level, therefore it allows us a better control of the project and can give an immediate response to any eventuality.